Faith Clinic Ministries Nigeria

Motto: ....without faith it is impossible to please God

Personal Deliverance / Counselling

Access your spiritual life experiences & situations through the following counselling points Click Here To Download and discover if you are in the captivity of the devil and needs deliverance.
You can register for For Distant Deliverance / Counselling through this link   Click Here To Register  if you are not close to our ministry community.

21 Days Preparatory Novena Prayer For Distant Deliverance & Counselling

Follow The Prayer Program Below

1. Book 21 Days Novena Mass Through this Link    Click Here To Book Mass Online

2. Begin with Rosary (Non Catholics Can Skip This).

3. Have enough praises to call down the Shekinah Glory of God for Spiritual Warfare. Psalms 147,148,149,150 can be used during the praise & worship.

4. Declare Spiritual Warfare with these Prayers Click Here To Download

5. Use the following Warfare Psalms to end the Prayer – Psalms 35, 91 and 109.

Note: Fasting for those who can holds on Fridays, 6am -3pm. Those who cannot fast can do fasted life.

6. Stations of the Cross on Fridays. (Non Catholics Can Skip This).

Please Note The Following

•   The 21 Days Novena Mass will be running at the same time with the 21 days Preparatory Prayer.

•   Let us know the date you want to begin the prayer so that your Novena Mass will begin same day.

•   At the end of the 21 days prayer, fill this form Ready for Distant Deliverance   Click Here

•   A date and time will be given to you for your deliverance prayers which will be done by our team of Intercessors.