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Study Plan For Parents Awareness Seminar On Children Upbringing

Session One

1. Two major principles to help Christian parents to raise their Children.

2. Five parenting lessons from king David and Eli the High Priest (2 Samuel Chapter 13).

3. Kinds of parenting – what type of parental method do you adopt? Your method of parenting can influence your Children positively or negatively. Discover the best parenting method.

Session Two

4. Dealing with temperamental influence on parental skill. Discover your temperament and how it exerts influence on your parenting.

5. Parents / Children temperamental clash. Your disagreement with your kid, is it demonic? Rebellion? Or Temperamental clash? How do you discover when your kid’s disagreement with you is a demonic influence, rebellion or clash between your temperament and his.

6. Guard your tongue in Parenting. Destructive effect of lose parental tongue and blessings of disciplined parental tongue. The power of parental curses / blessings over their Children. Parental curses & blessings as foundational block in which the future of Children are built upon.

Session Three

7. Biblical methods of Children upbringing. How you can avoid the rebellious “teen years” Are you passing hard times with your teenager? You can avoid those teenage rebellion. Discover the best way to do it.

8. Dangerous mistake to avoid in parenting. Closing the spirit of your child. Learn how to apply the ministry of the rod to avoid closing the spirit of your Children. Learn a lesson from the snail, a stick can be used gently to guide the snail to an appropriate part to follow. The same stick can be used to make the stick withdraw to its shell and refuse to move to your desired direction. All depends on how you apply the stick on the snail.

Session Four

9. Your Children and the “New Age Spirit” – who is walking your Children into demonism? Learn how you can protect your Children from the evil influence of the new age spirit. And signs your child will exhibit to show he has being captured in the snare of the new age spirit.

10. Demonization of Children. Discover various ways your Children can be demonised. From womb demonization to the period of attachment and of self-determination. A revelation of various gateways through which devil can gain entry into your Children.

11. Standing at the gap for your Children. A study on the power of praying parents (Case study of St. Monica).

NOTE: Your Parish or Group can either book for Workshop for this programme to be conducted for you or you can order for the Hand-Outs and Messages.