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About The Book

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Rev. Fr. Stephen Oduh (Omd) has been a Children and youth minister for over 15 years. He organizes Camping, Revival Programs, Holy Ghost Ministration, Deliverance and Healing ministries for Children and youths. He sees himself called and ordained for Children.

In this book, he tries to solve one of the problems of Children workers namely; What are we to teach Children ? After first communion programs for Children, some Children workers seem to be at a loss on what other programme of teaching to organize for the nourishment and Spiritual growth of Children in the Church. Often, they resort to storytelling, songs and games. When these are compared to the activities of the devil in catching them young for this satanic purposes, we discover we are doing nothing much to capture the soul of little Children.

In this book, he also provides a teaching syllabus that will help Children workers to grow the tender faith of Children to Spiritual Maturity. It is also a good tool for Parents, Guardians, and Schools in the character formation of Children.